Car Service

A quality car service requires the skills of a car mechanic who knows what they are doing. Our mechanics will check your car thoroughly to make sure it runs reliably and efficiently.

Once we have carried out an inspection on your car we will ring you and let you know if there is any mechanical work or other auto repair work to be carried out such as new tyres. This maybe urgent or can be carried out later on another date. We will also give you an approximate cost on any car repairs and whether it can be done now or saved to your next car service.

Repairing the underside of a car as part of a car service

Car Service and Car Repairs

Call Steve on 9987 0088 to discuss your car service requirements. Some of the typical items as part of car servicing are:

The above car service tasks is not a definitive list of items, please call 9987 0088 to discuss your specific car servicing needs such as log book services, new car warranty service and of course pink slips and blue slips.