Blue Slip

RTA blue slip requirements?

An RTA Blue Slip is an unregistered vehicle safety inspection report which proves a car has passed the required roadworthiness, design and identity standards.

Blue slips are also used required when interstate vehicles are registered in NSW, and sometimes when second-hand cars are selected for additional inspection – this might include imported, historic and modified cars.

Each checkup is a detailed inspection and is a lot more extensive than a pink slip so can take up to 2 hours so please allow plenty of time for your blue slip service.

Where can I get a blue slip in sydney?

S&G Automotive Repairs is an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection station and is therefore one of the key providers of rta blue slips in Sydney and particularly for the north shore of Sydney such as Hornsby where S&G Automotive Repairs are located.

We specialise in blue slips for imported and also historic cars.

If you do require one, come and get your blue slip in Hornsby by calling Steve on 9987 0088 to book your car in for a check today.