We have the pleasure to announce that we now stock a range of tyres which include Michelin, Continental, Yokohama and Bridgestone.
We also keep a range of budget priced tyres and all of our tyres are fitted with the latest fitting and balancing machinery.

We can do while you wait fitting but prefer appointments as we can cater better to individual needs. By prior arrangement we can pick up and deliver your car locally so you don’t have to leave home.

Our new number is 02 9476 2585 exclusively for tyres.

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Get your Michelin mojo back!

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Michelin tyres are safe, durable and energy efficient. Make sure you replace your worn tyres before your Christmas holiday drive. Using worn-out tyres increases the likelihood of tyre failure and in wet conditions can cause the tyre to suddenly lose traction, putting your family at risk. We are conveniently located walking distance to Hornsby Westfield and Hornsby train station. So be smart and call us today on 9987 0088 for your new Michelin tyres. Mention this post and you will receive free tyre fitting and balance.

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Your local Hornsby mechanic, S & G Automotive Repairs are delighted to announce that they are now installing Polyair Bellows System springs for utes and 4 wheel drives. Also Polyair Springs for some sedans and wagons.

What is the Polyair Bellows System?

polyair_bellows_systemTested over three years in the city and the Australian outback. The Polyair Bellows System is a two ply air bellows system that works with your existing springs and shock absorbers to provide additional support for big loads.

The Polyair Bellow System acts indpendently, on each side of the vehicle, to effectively level out an unevenly weighted tray or luggage compartment.

How does the Polyair Bellows System work?

The system is a suspension add-on and uses air pressure to adjust the level of your vehicle.
You simply pump up the bellows, as you would a tyre, to acheive the desired result it’s that simple.

Can the Polyair Bellows System be used off road?

polyair_bellows_system2Yes, there a couple of minor things to take into account such as maintenance but S & G Automotive Repairs can fully advise you when the system is fitted.

The good news.

If you carry heavy or uneven loads the use of the Polyair Bellows System can improve braking and handling of your vehicle. It can actually prolong the lifespan of your shock absorbers.

Call Steve Giles of S & G Automotive, your local Hornsby Mechanic, on 9987 0088 for a quote and to arrange installation.

Install the Polyair Bellows sytem for the ride of your life.

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Now that the children are back at school it’s time to book in for your regular car service or pink slip rego check. We are conveniently located close to Hornsby train station and Hornsby Westfield Shopping Centre so it is easy to drop your car off before work or before a day of shopping. Call S&G Automotive Repairs on 9987 0088 to book your car service today.

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Happy New Year

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Here at S&G Automotive we would like to say thank you to all of our clients for their custom and wish you all a Happy New Year. We look forward to looking after you and your car again in 2011.

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LPG Tank Inspection due?

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Every ten years you are required to have your automotive LPG tank inspected. Here at S&G Automotive we are offering to inspect your LPG system for $250. This is a very competitive price available for a limited time only. Call us today on 9987 0088 to schedule an inspection of your LPG tank.

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Did you know that if you use rainwater to fill your windscreen washer reservoir that the untreated water can cause a blockage in your windscreen washer jets? It is best to use normal tapwater as the treated water will not block your windscreen washer jets. Is your car due for a service? Call us now on 9987 0088.

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