Your local Hornsby mechanic, S & G Automotive Repairs are delighted to announce that they are now installing Polyair Bellows System springs for utes and 4 wheel drives. Also Polyair Springs for some sedans and wagons.

What is the Polyair Bellows System?

polyair_bellows_systemTested over three years in the city and the Australian outback. The Polyair Bellows System is a two ply air bellows system that works with your existing springs and shock absorbers to provide additional support for big loads.

The Polyair Bellow System acts indpendently, on each side of the vehicle, to effectively level out an unevenly weighted tray or luggage compartment.

How does the Polyair Bellows System work?

The system is a suspension add-on and uses air pressure to adjust the level of your vehicle.
You simply pump up the bellows, as you would a tyre, to acheive the desired result it’s that simple.

Can the Polyair Bellows System be used off road?

polyair_bellows_system2Yes, there a couple of minor things to take into account such as maintenance but S & G Automotive Repairs can fully advise you when the system is fitted.

The good news.

If you carry heavy or uneven loads the use of the Polyair Bellows System can improve braking and handling of your vehicle. It can actually prolong the lifespan of your shock absorbers.

Call Steve Giles of S & G Automotive, your local Hornsby Mechanic, on 9987 0088 for a quote and to arrange installation.

Install the Polyair Bellows sytem for the ride of your life.

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